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About Benalmádena

Benalmádena has beautiful beaches and a promenade, it is clean and plenty of greenery. The town consists of three areas: Benalmádena Pueblo, Benalmádena Costa and Arroyo de la Miel. Our Finca is located in Benalmádena Pueblo and is the original village which consists of white houses, narrow and clean streets with cafes and stores. From this village you have a beautiful view of the city. In this area you will also find the Butterfly Park, along with the Stupa, a Buddhist temple and the Iglesia de Santo Domingo. This church is located in a beautiful spot in the green where you have a nice view of the village and the city. And while you're in the village, don't forget Colomares Castle!

Benalmádena Costa

The Costa consists of beautiful beaches, with plenty of eateries and stores along the promenade. By the sea is also the Castillo Bil-Bil, a beautiful red castle built in Arab style.

Arroyo de la Miel

This part connects Costa and the village, so to speak, and this is also where the train station is located. You will find numerous restaurants and stores: a true shopping paradise.

Puerto Marina

One of the most beautiful harbors in Europe can be found in Benalmádena, Puerto Marina. Here you can watch boats and, of course, store and eat good food. You will also find Sea Life here.

Hiking in Parque de la Paloma

Benalmádena has a very nice park, Parque de la Paloma. The park is so 200,000 m2 and has several entrances. One of them is only 200 m away from the beach. The park has a large pond with ducklings and turtles. Running through the park are many chickens and roosters (they hide in the bushes), as well as rabbits. There is also a small petting zoo with mountain goats. There is also a large cactus garden, plenty of dining and drinking facilities, grassy areas and benches where you can relax and a restroom. And there are also plenty of places in this park where you can make beautiful views!

Cable car with top views

Want even more views of not only Benalmádena, but also the surrounding towns? Then you have to take the cable car. It departs from Arroya de la Miel and is located opposite the large Tivoli World amusement park. The cable car goes all the way to the top of the mountain and apparently, with clear weather, you can even see North Africa.

Colomares Monument

The fairytale castle "Castillo de Colomares" in Benalmádena stands on the Costa del Sol. The Castillo de Colomares is a castle honoring the life of the great explorer and adventurer Christopher Columbus. This beautiful photo property is less than a 5-minute drive from our Finca. For the photo enthusiast, a real must-see. The Castillo de Colomares is a castle honoring the life of the great explorer and adventurer Christopher Columbus. This beautiful and large monument honoring Columbus stands in Benalmádena on the solar coast, Costa del Sol. this fairy-tale castle is a unique homage to the great explorer Columbus.

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